The Uebert Angel Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Spirit Embassy Church

Head-quartered in England and co-founded by Prophets Uebert and Beverly Angel. 


This dynamic couple are called by God and are committed to spreading the GoodNews of God’s grace to the far reaches of the world. They work daily in preaching the gospel in word and in deeds and in the equipping of believers for their work of ministry both locally and worldwide.

A spirit of love, faith and a totally evangelistic heart characterises all aspects of their ministry and impact around the world.

Through the Uebert Angel Foundation, they are constantly helping communities and individuals in need. The Foundation is well known as a provider of humanitarian assistance, educational opportunities for the less-privileged, and caring for orphans and the elderly.

Our Missions around the World

During the Coronavirus Pandemic the Uebert Angel Foundation went to the far reaches of India providing much-needed food aid to particularly vulnerable groups. This is ongoing work in many regions of India including Punjab, Mumbai, Jammu and Kashmir. We are looking after Elderly Widows providing them with food hampers of their staple foods and other basic items. Be a part of this REVOLUTION, become UAF Partner!

Across Australasia the impact of the Uebert Angel Foundation has been felt and continues to spread. Our Teams in Australia and New Zealand are pro-active in reaching out to often neglected groups such as people living with disabilities, vulnerable and trafficked women, elderly people without families, victims of domestic violence and many many more.

During the Christmas Season these groups were blessed and they received the precious Christmas Boxes full of goodies courtesy of our President and Patron and the financial Partners of the U

Our Teams across Europe were stretched and at their busiest during the Global Lockdowns that saw millions of people lose their jobs and hundreds of thousands more losing their lives due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Uebert Angel Foundation provided much needed basic support in the form of Food to the most severely affected people in the communities.

Our Volunteers reached out even to those affected mentally by the Pandemic. Many people were left desperate and lonely with very few places to turn to due to the forced closures, but the Uebert Angel Foundation was there and continues to be there consistently to lend a listening ear and a much needed helping hand.


Our Teams in the Americas work tirelessly to bring much-needed hope to those struggling in society.

Homelessness and joblessness are among the biggest problems across the USA and Canada. The Uebert Angel Foundation is constantly on hand to provide warm food toiletries as much as a befriending relationship to the most vulnerable. Our Teams are in the highways and bye-ways reaching out to the downtrodden and giving them a hope for the future.

We want to continue this awesome work and we encourage you to be a part of our movement by becoming a Partner of the Uebert Angel Foundation

Ours is a unique relationship. As an organisation we are constantly finding ways of bringing real tangible hope and life-affirming experiences to the African communities that we reach out to.

At the Uebert Angel Foundation we have given communities across Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and more life-changing basics such as nutritious food to the elderly and disabled, clothing and baby-supplies for abandoned babies and orphans, scholarships and educational supplies.

For years now, and throughout the global Coronavirus Pandemic we have been a constant presence in places where people are experiencing extreme poverty. Above all We have provided the lifeline that everyone needs, FOOD!